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Lessons Learned

As autumn arrives, it feels like a good time to reflect on the year. It’s far from over, of course, but there’s a change in the air. Summer – if you could call that a summer – certainly feels like it’s over, and autumn is on the way. Too much red and purple It all […]


I’ve returned recently from a very British August summer holiday in Scarborough with the family. Soggy fish and chips, seaside rides and variable weather – glorious! A trip to Sewerby Park on one of the better days, however, provided some welcome surprises. My family history is inextricably linked with Sewerby Park. A number of my […]


Heavy rain for the first time in weeks last night. Proper waterbutt-filling, sleep-depriving rain. Long overdue. After waking early – thank you, wood pigeons – I make a cup of tea and go out to do the rounds. Huge brown and black slugs navigate across the lawn. A blackbird picks them off before I can […]