My garden is brimming with pots.

Pots allow me to grow plants that probably wouldn’t do so well in my heavy, lime soil. Camellias, tree ferns, cannas – all in pots.

Can you count all of the pots?

Pots also allow me to create the illusion of density, without planting everything too close.

I can plant my cannas in the spring without having to dig enormous holes in the ground. They grow cheek to cheek with my grasses (bamboos – also in pots), shrubs and other tender plants, without competing for root space.

As I mentioned, I can grow vigorous bamboo in my small garden – lush green bisseti and golden aureocaulis – which would probably take over if I put it in the ground.

Lush green bissetii and golden aureocaulis

I’ve seen bamboo run everywhere and cause havoc, popping up, like fat asparagus shoots, in the middle of a lawn. I keep it in big pots, though it does need dividing before it breaks free (which, in time, it will).

I can protect my pots (and, thus, my plants) from the elements – I can wrap them up, move them under cover, bring them indoors.

Shelter from the storm

Pots break up a space, and add structure and colour. They act as focal points amongst the foliage. I wouldn’t be without pots. Or water butts – preferably half a dozen or so.

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