Weather and Slugs

Crazy weather! Lows of -7 last week, and up to a balmy 16 next Saturday.

It’s so tempting to start thinking about bringing out the tender plants, but I have to remember that it’s only February. We could have more snow in March.

Still, things are looking up.

I’m commencing my annual slug battle this week.

I’m loath to use chemicals in the garden, so I apply a garlic wash every week (more so if it rains) to the lupins and hostas.

It seems to be very effective for the lupins, but less so the hostas. (My wife floated the idea that the slugs aren’t bothered for the lupins because they’re too busy eating the hostas. Hmmm.)

A slug smörgåsbord

Slugs seem to go for hostas with thinner leaves – easier for the little blighters to chew, presumably – so I’ve planted some sacrificial softies next to my favourite blue specimens.

I’m not sure it’s going to work, but it’s a good excuse to be outside.

Here’s hoping for a good butterfly year

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