Things are happening, or, rather, I’m making things happen.

It’s probably a little early (scrap that; I’ve just read online – it’s definitely too early) but, good grief, I need something else to do at the weekend that isn’t Zooming, walking or drinking.

I’m starting my colocasias - three different varieties this year - in the airing cupboard, in the next couple of weeks. It seemed to work well this way last year (well, after a month of inactivity in the orangery), so I’m doing the same this year.

I didn’t leave any in the ground, and, after the rain and snow we’ve had, I think I made the right decision. I’ve heard that, in some parts of the UK, you can leave them in situ if they’re given a thick mulch. Not here.

Dahlias - just a few tubers this year - will go at the top of the house, on a warm, sunny windowsill. Chat Noir – a classic, by all accounts, but not one I’ve grown before.

My cannas are under the carport, ready to be potted-up when the frosts have passed. Last year, I started them off in the orangery, but I’m not bothering this year - they’re too big, and it’s a faff. We’ll see what happens.

What else is there? A ginger lily, which I’ll plant-up and grow-on in the orangery, and melianthus major, which I’ll plant out after the last frosts. I should then be able to leave both of these in the ground.

I’m also overwintering some pelargoniums in the orangery, which will go outside in early May (all being well).

They’re lovely plants - large, heart-shaped leaves, and pretty pink-red flowers – and they remind me of my Dad, who has grown pelargoniums from cuttings for years.

My boy turns 8 months old next week. His grandparents have seen him a handful of times.

It’s been a hard winter, but it’ll soon end. The days are getting longer, lighter. We’re almost there.

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