I had a sudden rush of inspiration after watching Fargo at the weekend.

What you need, Joe, is a garden shredder.

“No, you don’t,” my wife said, after I’d explained the absolute necessity of my latest prospective purchase.

Anyway, composting is on my mind.

I installed a new compost bin at the weekend. My DIY skills are woefully bad, so I’ve taken the easy route and bought a flat-pack, easy assemble job.

This will accompany the plastic dalek that my Mum donated to us when we moved into the house – an ugly thing, but it does the job.

The idea – the aim – is to ensure as little leaves the garden as possible; we want to compost all of our garden waste, and use rainwater to water all of the plants.

We have limited water butts and composting space, so we’ll take it as far as we can, and use the tap only when absolutely necessary.

Update: I had to empty the plastic dalek and then move it to the side of the house (to make way for our new extension). Awful job, but I found a pair of secateurs in the tower of decaying muck. Every cloud, as they say.

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