Growth and Compromise

A couple of weeks after the big freeze, the fuchsias are already showing signs of life. They all seem to have made it through – fantastic!

And look here – crocosmias, sprouting underneath the potted bamboo. Much earlier than last year.

No so good news for this echeveria – my stupid fault for leaving it out all winter. You live and learn. (Well, the echeveria doesn’t…)

The small border – the one closest to the house – is being filled in, to make space for more lawn. Yes, it’s painful to lose precious planting space, but our boy needs room for crawling laps. The garden isn’t just mine, after all – it’s a shared space, a family garden.

The saving grace – a sneaky compromise, on my part – is that I’ll be lifting turf from around the edge of the garden, so, technically, I won’t be losing any space. The boy gets a clear route for crawling – and running, eventually – and I get larger borders (but fewer of them). Win-win.

When my in-laws suggested that we lose the border, I was sceptical. (This isn’t entirely accurate – I was indignant: how dare you tell me what to do with MY garden?)

I was looking at it from the point-of-view of the gardener, whereas they were thinking about their Grandson.

We’re all many things to many people – parent, gardener, husband, son, etc. – and, when I think about it, I’d like my garden to reflect this. There is plenty of room for compromise.

Still, I do most of the work, so it’s mostly mine!

If the last year has taught me anything, it’s to appreciate what I have. That’s where this blog comes from, I think – sharing the things that I enjoy and appreciate.


  1. Lovely that you plan to adapt your garden area for your child. Sooner than you think possible, you can have your border back, because he will be grown and gone! You’ll be amazed how quickly that happens. Meantime, it means more planning and plant moving, which is always fun.

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