Preparations 2

I gave in. I couldn’t wait – I HAD to get some plants going. I never learn – same thing happens every year.

I managed to pot-up the majority of my mini display – a mixture of geraniums, fuchsias, pelargoniums, hostas and kniphofia. I’ll add the pelargoniums, a dahlia and a canna when they’re ready to plant out. There’s a lupin in there, too.

An eclectic mix of cottage garden perennials, succulents and tender tropicals. Not exactly innovative – talk about ripping off Christopher Lloyd – but it doesn’t matter.

Unlike Christo, however, I’m not for labour-intensive pot displays – these will stay in situ until it gets cold. There should be something of interest throughout the year, and when there aren’t any flowers, lots of beautiful foliage.

I’ve also created a miniature water display in one of my pots.

Quite pleased with this – it should look good when the waterlily sends up new leaves. Okay, it’s not going to sustain fish or frogs, but, at the very least, it makes a fetching bird bath.

And here are some crocosmias – I’m starting them in the orangery, before planting in a drift across the sunny border.

Finally, my pride and joy – hedychium gardnerianum – which, for now, is known as “Stump”. I really hope Stump does well. Stump will have pride of place at the front of the sunny border (providing Stump becomes more than a stump).

My pelargonium pups are covered in greenfly. The little blighters have started early, too. I don’t blame them.

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