Something Different…

Some new and exciting approaches this year. (Well, new and exciting for me, but hardly revolutionary.)

I’m introducing some interesting edibles to the garden – a variety of unusual fruits, intermingled amongst the foliage. A garden of interesting and edible delights, if you will.

I wanted to grow things that we couldn’t get from the supermarket, and that my boy could pick and enjoy.

Here’s a little kiwiberry pup – planted in full sun, in soil enriched with manure. We’ll see how it gets on, but certainly a couple of years before I can even start to think of fruit.

This, on the other hand, may provide something sooner – a tayberry, planted in the same border. I’ve tasted but never grown tayberries before. A raspberry/blackberry hybrid on steroids.

This is a little more unusual – a Japanese wineberry. Certainly not standard supermarket fodder.

Even if it doesn’t bear any fruit, it’s worth growing for the interesting pink stems, which, by all accounts, look wonderful in Winter.

Here’s a honeyberry – one of a pair. (They require a companion to pollinate.) I have high hopes for these – the berries are wonderfully sweet, full of goodness and, again, not something one finds in supermarkets.

Something really weird – a variety of creeping fuchsia, which, by all accounts, has delicious berries.

Here’s one of two Chilean guavas, which is a bonny-looking plant in its own right, even if the prospect of a bumper harvest is relatively slim in the north.

I’ve scattered some pineberry pups amongst the ornamentals, too.

A pineberry is a sort-of-inverted strawberry, with white flesh and red seeds, and tastes a bit like pineapple (hence the ‘pine…’). It is, by all accounts, less of a target for birds than a standard strawberry, though the slugs are just as keen.

Food and gardening are, in my opinion, the twin pillars of civilisation, so what could be better than combining the two?

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